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School of Economic Sciences | WSU Faculty

Raymond G. Batina


  • 1985 PhD, Economics, Minnesota (2/1985)
  • 1980 MA, Economics, Minnesota
  • 1978 BS, Economics (magna cum laude), Purdue


  • Public Economics
    (open economy tax theory, public capital, social security, taxes and temptation.)
  • Applied Macroeconomics


  • 2002-2004 Consultant Kansai Institute for Social and Economic Research, Osaka, Japan on fiscal policy issues.
  • 2000 Full Professor, WSU
  • 1991 Associate Professor, WSU
  • 1991 Visiting Assistant Professor, Purdue
  • 1987 Consultant to the Institute for Public Policy at Evergreen College, Olympia for a project entitled “The stability of state tax revenues in the State of Washington.”
  • 1985 Assistant Professor, WSU


  • Econs 583 Graduate Public Economics
  • Econs 420 Monetary Economics
  • Econs 322 Public Economics
  • Econs 320, Money and Banking
  • Econs 305 Intermediate Microeconomics


  • 1997 Summer Research Grant, College of Business and Economics, WSU
  • 1993 Seafirst Distinguished Faculty Award, CBE, WSU
  • 1992 Shell Instructional Excellence Award, CBE, WSU
  • 1978 Phi Kappa Phi
  • 1975 Freshmen Men’s Honor Society


Books and Edited Volumes

The Use of Consumption Taxation in Response to the Great Recession, 2017, an edited volume for a special issue of Public Finance and Management, (Editor).

Public Goods: Theories and Evidence, with Toshihiro Ihori, 2005, Germany: Springer-Verlag.

Public Capital and Public Finance, 2001, an edited volume for a special issue of Public Finance and Management. (Editor)

Consumption Tax Policy and the Taxation of Capital, with Toshihiro Ihori, 2000, Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Reprinted Articles

“On the Interpretation of the Modified Samuelson Rule for Public Goods in Static Models with Heterogeneity,” 2005, John Cunningham Wood and Michael McClure, eds., Paul Samuelson: Critical Assessments of Contemporary Economists, Second Series, Routledge, New York. (First published: Journal of Public Economics, 1990, 42, 125-133.)

“Public Goods and Dynamic Efficiency: The Modified Samuelson Rule,” 2005, John Cunningham Wood and Michael McClure, eds., Paul Samuelson: Critical Assessments of Contemporary Economists, Second Series, Routledge, New York. (First published: Journal of Public Economics, 1990, 41, 389-400.)

“Sustainability and Intergenerational Transfers,” with Jeffrey Krautkraemer, 2001, John C. V. Pezzey and Michael A. Toman, eds, The Economics of Sustainability, International Library of Environmental Economics and Policy. (First published: Land Economics, 1999, 75, 167 – 184.)

“On the Long Run Effect of Public Capital on Aggregate Output: Estimation and Sensitivity Analysis,” 2001, Robin Boadway, Baldev Raj, eds, Advances in Public Economics, Germany: Springer-Verlag. (First published: Empirical Economics, 1999, vol 24, 165-171.)

Recent Journal Articles

“Do gender gaps in education and health affect economic growth? A cross-country study from 1975 to 2010,” with Bidisha Mandel and Wen Chen, Health Economics, 2018. (Article first published online January 8, 2018, DOI: 10.1002/hec.3636.)

“A Replication of ‘Is Public Expenditure Productive?’ (Journal of Monetary Economics, 1989),” with Christopher A. Clarke, Public Finance Review, 2017. (Article first published online November 10, 2017, DOI: 10.1177/1091142117736606.)

“Is Policy Coordination a Good Idea? Public Inputs and Policy Harmonization with Skilled and Unskilled Workers,” Public Finance Review, May, 2017, 45, 423-440. (Article first published online April 26, 2016, doi: 10.1177/1091142116644777.)

“The Spillover Effects of Good Governance in a Tax Competition Framework with a Negative Environmental Externality,” with Gregmar Galinato, Environmental and Resource Economics, 2017, 67, 701–724. (Article first published online January, 7, 2016, doi: 10.1007/s10640-015-9995-9.)

“Capital Tax Competition and Social Security,” International Tax and Public Finance, 2012, 19, 819-843.

“Local Capital Tax Competition and Coordinated Tax Reform in an Overlapping Generations Economy,” Regional Science and Urban Economics, 2009, 39, 472 – 478.

Professional Service: Research Reviewing

American Economic Review, International Economic Review, The Economic Journal, European Economic Review, Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, Oxford Economic Papers, The Scandinavian Journal of Economics, Japanese Economic Review, Economic Studies Quarterly, Economic Record, Canadian Journal of Economics, Journal of Public Economics, Regional Science and Urban Economics, International Tax and Public Finance, Journal of Public Economic Theory, Public Finance, Public Finance Review, Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, Public Finance and Management.

Professional Service: Textbook Reviewing

Public Finance by Laurence Seidman, McGraw-Hill, 2007.
Money, Banking, and Financial Markets, by Stephen Cecchetti, McGraw-Hill, 2005, 2006.
Public Finance and Public Policy by Jonathan Gruber, Worth Publishers, 2004.
Microeconomics by Jeffrey Perloff, Addison-Wesley, 2001.


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