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School of Economic Sciences | WSU Gregma Galinato

Master’s Microeconomic Analysis

EconS 527

Fall 2019


Course Overview

This class is a Master’s level course that focuses on the fundamentals of consumer and producer theory. Topics covered in this course include consumer’s preferences and utility, oligopoly markets, welfare economics, game theory, economics of information, production theory, market structure and market failures. We will study theoretical models and empirical evidence for a wide variety of economic phenomena. It is taught as a cooperative course between WSU and UI (AGEC 526).


Syllabus (pdf copy)


Exam 1 Ans key.

Exam 2 Ans key.

Problem Sets

Supplementary problem set on derivatives and system of equations part 1part 2, part 3.

  1. Introduction and Math Review. Date Due:
  2. Technology and Profit Functions. Date Due:
  3. Cost Functions and Duality. Date Due:
  4. Consumer Demand. Date Due:
  5. Competitive Markets. Date Due:
  6. Monopoly. Date Due:
  7. Game Theory. Date Due:
  8. General Equilibrium. Date Due:


Additional Readings:

Silberberg and Suen Ch 1.