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School of Economic Sciences | WSU Gregmar Galinato

Mathematical Economics with Applications

EconS 526

Fall 2018


Course Overview

This class is a Master’s level course that focuses on linear algebra, comparative statics, partial and general equilibrium analysis, matrix algebra and constrained optimization will serve as the tools to analyze the models presented in Microeconomics Analysis (EconS 527). It is taught as a cooperative course between WSU and UI (AGEC 526).


Syllabus (pdf copy)

Problem Sets

Supplementary problem set on derivatives and system of equations part 1, part 1 ans keypart 2, part 2 ans key.

  1. Unconstrained optimization. Due date: Sept 14, 2018, 2pm. Answer key.
  2. Constrained optimization. Due date: Sept 21, 2018, 2pm. Answer key.
  3. Envelope theorem and comparative statics. Due date: Sept 28, 2018. 2pm. Answer key.
  4. Properties of functions and dynamics. Due date: Oct 5, 2018. 2pm. Answer key.


Exam 1 Ans Key.

Additional Readings:

Silberberg and Suen Ch 1.