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School of Economic Sciences | WSU Faculty

Bidisha Mandal

Associate Professor

Areas of Research

  • Health Economics
  • Health Care Policy
  • Economics of Gender


  • 2013-present, Associate Professor
  • 2007-2013, Assistant Professor

Teaching Assignment

  • EconS 506: Mathematics Primer for Economists (Math course for 1st year PhD students)
  • EconS 514: Econometrics IV (Econometrics course for 2nd and 3rd year PhD students)
  • EconS 324: Economics of Health Care (Undergraduate course)

Selected Publications

Mandal, B., Batina, R., Chen, W. “Do gender gaps in education and health affect economic growth? A cross-country study from 1975 to 2010”. Health Economics, Published online 2018.

Mandal, B. “The effect of paid leave on maternal mental health”. Forthcoming, Maternal and Child Health Journal.

Mandal, B., Lawrence, T. “Managing the commons: How Extension facilitates local participation in the management of natural resources”. Applied Economic Perspectives and Policy, September 2017, 39(3): 499-515.

Mandal, B., Roe, B. “Risk tolerance among National Longitudinal Survey of Youth Participants: The effects of age and cognitive skills.” Economica, July 2014, 81(323): 522-543.

Mandal, B., Roe, B., Fein, S. “Work and breastfeeding decisions are jointly determined for higher socioeconomic status U.S. mothers.” Review of Economics of the Household, June 2014, 12(2): 237-257.

Mandal, B., Powell, L. “Child care choices, food intake, and children’s obesity status in the United States.” Economics and Human Biology, July 2014, 14: 50-61.

Hill, L., Rosenman, R., Tennakoon, V., Mandal, B. “Estimating the effects of selection and attrition on prevention program outcomes in non-experimental community disseminations.” Prevention Science, December 2013, 14(6): 557-569.

Wordell, D., Daratha, K., Mandal, B., Bindler, R., Butkus, S. “Changes in a middle school food environment affect food behavior and food choices.” Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, January 2012, 112(1): 137-141.

Mandal, B., Ayyagari, P., Gallo, W. “Job loss and depression: The role of subjective expectations.” Social Science and Medicine, February 2011, 72(4): 576-583.

Mandal, B. “Use of food labels as weight loss behavior.” The Journal of Consumer Affairs, Fall 2010, 44(3): 516-527.

Mandal, B., Roe, B.E., Fein, S.B. “The differential effects of full-time and part-time work status on breastfeeding.” Health Policy, September 2010, 97(1): 79-86.

Fein, S.B., Mandal, B., Roe, B.E. “Success of strategies for combining employment and breastfeeding”. Pediatrics, October 2008, 122(2): S56-S62.

Recent Extension Publications (Peer-Reviewed)

Mandal, B., Brady, M., Gallardo, K. “Reactions to the employer mandate in Washington State’s labor-intensive agriculture industry.” Washington State University Extension Technical Bulletin, September 2016, TB33.

Mandal, B., Brady, M., Gallardo, K. “Trends in health insurance and health care access in rural Washington.” Washington State University Extension Technical Bulletin, August 2016, TB30E.

Lawrence, T., Mandal, B. “Valuing extension programming at the county level.” Journal of Extension, February 2016, 54(1): Feature Article 1FEA3.

Recent Grants

Pharmacist care for patients with minor illnesses in Washington State. $534,999. PI: Akers, J. (WSU College of Pharmacy), Co-I: MacLean, L., Mandal, B. (8/1/2014 – 7/31/2017).

The effect of the Affordable Care Act on health coverage and employment in the agricultural industry in the state of Washington. WSU Emerging Research Issues Internal Grant. $75,914. PI: Mandal, B., Co-PI: Brady, M., Gallardo, K. (1/2014-12/2015).

Rural healthcare: Before and after the Affordable Care Act. WSU Research Initiative in Human Sciences Internal Grant. $47,000. PI: Mandal, B. Co-PI: McCracken, V. (7/2015-6/2017).


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