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Dr. Brady focuses on specialty crop production including tree fruits, vineyards, vegetables, horticulture and nursery crops. He also has an interest in issues related to water use and irrigated agriculture. Dr. Brady is involved in a number of projects focusing on modeling coupled human and environmental systems in an interdisciplinary framework. He has analyzed the economic impact of various agriculture industries in Washington. He also conducts research on farmland ownership, agricultural land values, and land use change.


Research Interests


Associate Professor and Extension Economist, School of Economic Sciences, Washington State University, 2018-Present

Assistant Professor and Extension Economist, School of Economic Sciences, Washington State University, 2012-2018

Assistant Research Professor, IMPACT Center and School of Economic Sciences, Washington State University, 2009-2011

Research Economist, Economic Research Service, U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Washington D.C., 2007-2009

Sciences International, Inc., Alexandria, VA, 1998-2000


PhD., Agricultural, Environmental, and Development Economics, Ohio State University, 2007

MA, Economics, Ohio State University, 2004

MSc, Environment and Geography, London School of Economics, 2001

BA, Zoology, Miami University, 1998

Select Publications, Working Papers, and Reports

Brady, M.P., J. Padowski, J. Yoder, E. Jessup, D. Christensen, Q. Yang. Reallocating Water Through Small Scale Distributed Storage in the Skagit River Basin. Journal of the American Water Resources Association, Revise and Resubmit.

Malek, K., J. Adam, C. Stockle, M.P. Brady, K. Rajagopalan. When Should Irrigators
Invest in More Water Efficient Technologies as an Adaptation to Climate Change?. Water Resources Research, Accepted.

Rajagopalan, K., K.J. Chinnayakanahalli, C.O. Stockle, R.L. Nelson, C.E. Kruger, M.P. Brady, K. Malek, S.T. Dinesh, M.E. Barber, A.F. Hamlet, G.G. Yorgey, J.C. Adam. 2018. Impacts of Near-Term Climate Change on Irrigation Demands and Crop Yields in the Columbia River Basin. Water Resources Research 54(3):2152-2182.

Cook, R.J., M. Brady, J. Reimer, J. McFerson, and D. Sumner. 2016. Evaluation with
Recommendations by the Washington State Academy of Sciences of Interim Report: 2015 Drought and Agriculture.

Brady, M.P, and E. Irwin. 2011. Environmental Eects of Land Use Change Revealed
Through Spatially Explicit Empirical Models: Recent Developments and Challenges Ahead. Environmental and Resource Economics, 48(3):487-509.

Brady, M.P., and S.Y. Wu. 2010. The Aggregation of Preferences in Groups: Identity, Responsibility, and Polarization. Journal of Economic Psychology, 31:950-963.

Yoder, J., J. Adam, M.P. Brady, J. Cook, S. Katz, S. Johnston, K. Malek, J. McMillan,
Q. Yang. Benet-Cost Analysis of Integrated Water Resource Management Projects: Accounting for Interdependence in the Yakima Basin Integrated Plan. Journal of the American Water Resources Association.

Yoder, J., M.P. Brady, J. Cook. 2016. Water Markets and Storage – Substitutes or Complements for Drought Risk Mitigation? Water Economics and Policy, Vol 2, Issue 2.

Brady, M.P., T. Li, and J. Yoder. 2015. Renegotiation of the Columbia River Basin Treaty from the Perspective of Contract Theory. The Journal of Contemporary Water Research and Education, 155, 1, 53-62.

White, R.R., M.P. Brady, J.L. Capper, K.A. Johnson. 2014. Optimizing diet and pasture management to improve sustainability of US beef production. Agricultural Systems, 30,1-12.

White, R.R., M.P. Brady. 2014. Can consumers willingness to pay incentivize adoption of environmental impact reducing technologies in meat animal production?. Food Policy, 49, 41-49.

Adam, J.C., J.C. Stephens, S.H. Chung, M.P. Brady, R.D. Evans, C.E. Kruger, B.K. Lamb, M.L. Liu, C.O. Stckle, J.K. Vaughan, K. Rajagopalan, J.A. Harrison, C.L. Tague, A. Kalyanaraman, Y. Chen, A. Guenther, F.Y. Leung, L.R. Leung, A.B. Perleberg, J. Yoder, E. Allen, S. Anderson, B. Chandrasekharan, K. Malek, T. Mullis, C. Miller, T. Nergui, J. Poinsatte, J. Reyes, J. Zhu, J.S. Choate, X. Jiang, R. Nelson, J.H. Yoon, G.G. Yorgey, K.J. Chinnayakanahalli, A.F. Hamlet, B. Nijssen, 2014. BioEarth: A regional biosphere relevant earth system model to inform agricultural and natural resource management decisions, Climatic Change,1-17.

Yang, N., J. McCluskey, M.P. Brady. 2012. The Value of Good Neighbors: A Spatial
Analysis of the California and Washington Wine Industries. Land Economics 8(4):674.


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