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School of Economic Sciences | WSU Faculty

Jia Yan



PhD, Economics. University of California, Irvine, 2002

MA, Economics, Nankai University, 1997

BA, Finance, Shaanxi Institute of Finance and Economics, 1993


Applied Microeconomics, Transportation Economics and Empirical Industrial Organization

Applied Econometrics


08/2013-, Associate Professor, School of Economic Sciences, Washington State University

07/2007-08/2013, Assistant Professor, School of Economic Sciences, Washington State University

2004-2007, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Business, Hong Kong Polytechnic University

2002-2004, Research Scientist, ChoiceStream, Inc., Cambridge, MA


Econometrics (Ph.D)

Microeconomics Theory (Ph.D)

Topics in Applied Microeconomics (Ph.D)

Mathematics for Economists (Ph.D)


1. Best Paper by a Senior Author (joint with Clifford Winston), Kuhmo Nectar Conference and Summer School on Transportation Economics, 2011.

2. Best Paper Award (joint with Tae Oum and Chunyan Yu), Transportation Research Forum, 2009

3. Silver Medal (Harmful Algae Indexing (HaiDex) System, with John Liu, Samuel Lo, K.C. Ho, and T. L. Yip), International Exhibition of Inventions, New Techniques and Products in Geneva, 2008.

4. Annual Research Award, Faculty of Business, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, 2006

5. Best Doctoral Dissertation Award, Transportation and Public Utility Group of American Economic Association, 2003


1. Supreme split: Comparing the Roberts and Rehnquist courts’ ideological preferences toward business accounting for case selection,  with Clifford Winston and Quentin Karpilow, 2016

2. Costly signaling on e-commerce markets: Empirical evidence from a quasi-experiment on, under review, with Jiehong Qiu (Ph.D student) and Xinyu Sun, updated in May 2018

3. Low-cost carrier competition in Europe and US: Implications for foreign carriers’ effect on fares in U.S. domestic markets, with Cliford Winston and Xinlong Tan (Ph.D student), 2018

4.  The Effects of Transport Infrastucture on the Economy of Small Peripheral Cities Through Trade Integration: Theory and Evidence from China’s Highway System, with Lanbing Li, Binglian Liu and Jiehong Qiu (Ph.D student), 2017

6. Measuring the effects of Open-Skies agreements on bilateral passenger flow and service export and import trades, under review, with Kun Wang and Tae Oum, 2017.

7. A Novel Convolutional Neural Network Approach to Extract Product Attributes from Customers’ Reviews, with Xinlong Tan (Ph.D student) and Jiehong Qiu (Ph.D student)

8. A Dynamic Switching Model of Smartphone Users on a Product Attribute Space Augmented from Customers’ Reviews, with Xinlong Tan (Ph.D student)


1. Vehicle Size Choice and Automobile Externalities: A Dynamic Analysis, forthcoming in the Journal of Econometrics, with Clifford Winston, 2018.

2. Testing Behavior of Rationally Inattentive Consumers in Residential Water Market, with Xiangrui Wang (Ph.D student), Jukwan Lee (Ph.D student) and Gary Thompson, forthcoming in the Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 2018

3. The effect of merger on airline efficiency: evidence from China, forthcoming in the International Journal of Industrial Organization, with Xiaowen Fu, Kun Wang and Tae Oum, 2018

4. Modeling Airport Capacity Choice with Real Options, with Yibin Xiao, Xiaowen Fu and Tae Oum, Transortation Research Part B: Methodological, pp. 93-144, June 2017

5. Low Cost Carrier Competition and Route Entry in an Emerging but Regulated Aviation Market – the Case of China, with Zheng Lei, Xiaowen Fu and Kun Wang, September, pp. 3-16, Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice, 2015

6. Effects of corruption on efficiency of the European airports, with Laingo Randrianarisoa, Denis Bolduc, Yap Yin Choo and Tae Oum, September, pp. 65-83, Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice, 2015

7. Misalignment of Interest between Managers and Investors in the Allocation of Resources to Cyber-Security, with Bin Srinidhi and Giri Kumar Tayi, July, pp. 49-62, Decision Support Systems, 2015

8. Open Skies: Estimating Travelers’ Benefits From Free Trade in Airline Services (Text;Figures; Tables), with Clifford Winston, May, pp. 370-414, American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, 2015. The published version is here.

9. Can Private Airport Competition Improve Runway Pricing? The Case of San Francisco Bay Area Airports,  (Technical Appendix) with Clifford Winston,  Journal of Public Economics, July (115), pp. 146-157, 2014

10. The Effect of Government Corruption on the Efficiency of U.S. Commercial Airports, with Tae Oum,  Journal of Urban Economics, 89, 110-132, 2014

11. An Analysis of Travel Demand in Japan’s Inter-city Market: Empirical Estimation and Policy Simulation, with Xiaowen Fu and Tae Oum, 48(1), pp. 97-113, Journal of Transport Economics and Policy, 2014.

12. Book Review for  A Handbook of Transport Economics, edited by André De Palma, Robin Lindsey, Emile Quinet, and Roger Vickerman, Journal of Regional Science, Dec. 2012.

13. Can Privatization of U.S. Highways Improve Motorists’ Welfare?, (Technical Appendix) with Clifford Winston,  Journal of Public Economics, August (95), pp. 993-1005,  2011.

14. Assessing Container Operator Efficiency with Heterogeneous and Time-Varying Production Frontiers, with Xinyu Sun and John Liu, Transportation Research Part B: Methodological, January (43), pp. 172-185, 2009.

15. Ownership Forms Matter for Airport Efficiency:  A Stochastic Frontier Investigation of Worldwide Airports, (Technical Appendix) with Tae Oum and Chunyan Yu, Journal of Urban Economics, September (64), pp. 422-435, 2008.

16. Threshold Control of Mutual Insurance with Limited Commitment, with Kevin Li and John Liu, Insurance: Mathematics and Economics, August (43), pp. 108-115, 2008.

17. Differentiated Pricing, Express Lanes, and Carpools: Exploiting Heterogeneous Preferences in Policy Design, with Kenneth A. Small and Clifford Winston, Brookings-Wharton Papers on Urban Affairs, Vol. 7, pp. 53 – 96, 2006.

18. Uncovering the Distribution of Motorists’ Preferences for Travel Time and Reliability, (Technical Appendix) with Kenneth A. Small and Clifford Winston, Econometrica, 73(4), pp. 1367 – 1382, 2005 (Reprinted in: US Bureau of Transportation Statistics, Compendium on Congestion: Issues and Analyses Across Modes (Washington, DC: 2007))

19. The Value of Value Pricing on Roads: Second-Best Pricing and Product Differentiation, with Kenneth A. Small, Journal of Urban Economics, March (49), pp. 310-336, 2001



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